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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


Hello, I’m the webmaster of Kiss Pet Baby, Gina.
I have three dogs and three cats, the oldest of one is 6 years old. Each one has a different reason for being here, but basically, I believed that they are a gift from God and I am lucky to have them with me.

They are also the ones who motivated me to do what I do now – KPB sales, daily operation of the KPB website and sharing some knowledge about pets.
I don’t know if there are pet owners like me, but in the beginning, I simply treated them as pets and gave them food and water, and took them downstairs for a walk every day. Slowly, they become a different place in the heart, an important family member. You will start to be concerned about whether the dog or cat food is nutritious enough, whether you need to make your own nutritious meals for them to change the taste, why the poop is softer today? You may even feel a little guilty about not taking them with you when you go out with friends on Sundays.
Animals are really amazing, they know which day is your day at work and will not take them with you; which day is your holiday and can clamour for you to take her out with you; they know if the chicken you are making now is your dinner or his snack… You see this post was supposed to be about introducing myself and my company, and now it’s turned into Where the Fantastic Beasts Are. LOL
I’ve had pets for over 5 years and have also done a dog walker because of my interest, and business is pretty good. Now I am fully committed to KPB’s pet furniture business and want to make more fur kids have healthy bodies and sleep.

If there is something wrong with my article, you are welcome to correct me, I will carefully review the information and modify it.
I also hope that you can leave positive comments on my FB or KPB’s FB page to share your pet stories.

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