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a cat is kneading

What Should I Do When the Cat Is Kneading?

Cats really like “making biscuits” and most owners enjoy cat kneading on their legs or other body parts. But sometimes cat kneading can be really painful or will accidentally hurt you. What should we do to content the cat without hurting ourselves?

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12 Types of Dog Bed Filling

In this article, you will learn about the 12 common types of bed fillings on the market, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each filling. We hope this will help you in your pet’s business.

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a cat and a dog wearing christmas hat

How to Celebrate Christmas with Your Pet

Pets are our essential family members. Have you ever thought about how to share the festive happiness with your pet and make him feel happier and more joyful on this day too? We hope this article will provide you with a little inspiration for your Christmas Pet plans.

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title-how to import pet furniture from china

How to Import Pet Bed from China?

Are you planning to import dog beds or cat beds from China? In this article, you’ll learn the secrets you must know about pet bed manufacturers, including how to find pet suppliers, how to judge their professionalism and more!

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dog, portrait, sleeping-4069095.jpg

Top 10 Pet Furniture Companies in the US

Pet furniture are not complicated to produce, but there are many details to pay attention to in the selection of materials and quality control, and finding a reliable supplier is not an easy task. We have compiled a list of suppliers in the United States that specialize in the production of pet beds to help you save time.

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Must Read for Pet Safe Halloween!

Halloween is all about candy, scary, fun decorations, and kids screaming. But all of these things can add up to a fun day for us and a fatal day for fur babies. The following notes, please be sure to read carefully before Halloween, do not let this happy day into a sad day.

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Gina Weng

Gina Weng

3 dogs and 3 cats. Guess what? I am definitely a dog+cat people. I am very happy to be working in the KPB pet bed factory. Got the chance to test the popular pet sleeping aid with my beloved furry members.

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Buyer’s Guide to Exhibiting Interzoo 2022 

The trade show is an excellent opportunity to learn about industry trends, discover business opportunities, and build relationships with suppliers. The interzoo gathers more than 1,300 pet industry professionals from more than 60 countries and regions in pet food, pet boarding, grooming salons, online traders, etc.

Attending the show is a significant expense for exhibitors and visitors, including accommodation, food and transportation. Therefore, I have written this guide overnight to help first-time buyers at a pet industry trade show like interzoo get the most out of the trade show and approach the trade show effectively.

What to Know Before Developing Human Dog Bed Business? A 100% Pet Niche

Recently, a human-dog bed, aka giant dog bed, a Buzz topic, led to the explosion of TikTok, Instagram, and Reel as a major social media sensation. This design and manufacture of giant dog beds for humans, not only to meet those jealous pet owners who have a comfortable dog bed but also to drive floor people crazy.
In fact, the giant dog bed is not new, and we have more than 10 years of experience in pet bed manufacturing to tell you that the giant dog bed has been a hot spot that has been overlooked. Perhaps this article can tell you about a lucrative and lesser-known Blue Ocean in the pet industry.

30 Days Challenge of Dog Bed Vacuum Packing

One of the main reasons many pet business runners don’t like to develop pet beds is that the shipping costs for dog beds are really too high!!! There are always more solutions than difficulties. Using the best quality padding will solve your worries.!

Why Should You Develop the Dog Bed Business?

To ensure that pets get richer nutrition, pet owners regularly choose different brands of pet feed for their four-legged friends. And a pet bed that can be used for a long time, easy to clean and stylish without the hassle of being replaced at any time. Developing a pet bed business can help really take your sales to the next level.

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