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Story 2- Mimi & Her Cave Bed

cat cave bed-green

Brief for Cave House for Indoor Cats

The size of the actual cat den is slightly different than expected. The actual size is smaller than described. But it is enough for my 6.16-pound cat. There is plenty of large space inside for the cat to use comfortably. The walls of the litter look a little plush and the base is a non-slip fabric.

the cat"Mimi" & her new cave bed

Mimi Love it!

The best part is that my cat loves it! Mimi, my cat, never went near any new litter right away before this one, always suspecting that someone was trying to harm her. But it took her less than 15 minutes to get into this new litter and sleep. The cushion inside is super soft and comfortable, which my cats love. It’s small for my 16-pound pup, but she still tries to squeeze into the bed. I haven’t washed it yet and looking at the material it feels pretty easy to clean.

Story by Mimi and her bed


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