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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


🌟Super recommended🌟

❤️The kennel in which the little orange does not come out is greatly recommended❤️

Orange and his bed

Last year to buy a three-sided enclosure for the orange kennel, the orange likes to sleep, but the disadvantage is that the outside fabric is thin to be chewed, sewn and patched after six months, and the bottom is to put a pillow in the middle is not one of the easy to hide ash.

Plus the orange childhood asthma, later found that the family carpet allergic to dust mites, so the long plush nest cushion is not suitable, long plush is particularly dust-absorbing, not only because of the long pile but also because of the static electricity in autumn and winter.

Orange is playing with  his owner.

‼️Finally found this bed‼️

1) The colour is calm and does not destroy the home decor style (the previous orange-pink nest with the home is not very compatible), stepping line workmanship with material quality is very good.

2) Outer Martin cloth thick bite resistant, the inner side of the short fleece skin-friendly warmth.

3) The middle of the one-piece sponge soft and comfortable, the enclosure is a circle one, remove and wash the jacket is very convenient ~

4) The zipper is in the bottom of the nest, the zipper head is hidden not easy to be a dog bite, zipper head if the nest inside the easy to be bitten, dogs like to shave nest well ~

Orange is sleeping his bed

At first, we think buy small, but the orange like it, but the living room will squat inside and not come out, the morning also lazy bed refused to get up, usually will come out to see us out, with this nest did not leave the nest, LOL

Summer orange like to sleep under the bed that cramped space, this nest like a cradle but give it a full sense of security.

—Story by Orange and his bed

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