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Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


Have you ever studied the sleeping position of your four-legged friend, sometimes wonder why he has to sleep like this, and even more fancy sleeping positions as you breed for longer. Just like people, a dog has its own unique personality. The sleeping position is part of the owner’s insight into his or her pet. About the dog’s favourite sleeping position. It can sometimes reveal a lot about a dog’s habits and personality.

1. The Side Sleeping Position

Position: Lying on their sides with their extended legs

Meaning: If you often see your dog sleeping in this position, it means that they feel very comfortable in their environment and feel very secure. Those are usually happy, carefree and very loyal dogs.

Note: For dogs with side sleeping positions, they need more space to stretch out their legs. So pet owners should choose dog beds based on the dogs’ height. Learn more in the article of How to choose a dog bed.

2. The Curl Up Position

Position: Wrapping themselves in a tight loop

Meaning: This sleeping position is commonly associated with insecurity or when the weather gets cold. Dogs protect their vital organs and conserve body heat by curling up themselves like a doughnut with legs and tail tuck close to their nose. When dogs choose this sleeping position, it means that their subconscious sense of their surroundings is not yet very trusting or tells you that the weather is really too cold.

Note: If the dog is new to the home, thoughtful owners can choose a doughnut bed with a round high bolster. This design of the dog bed is imitating the embrace of the dog mother, it can reduce the dog’s sense of unease. Owners usually also need to pay more time to interact with the dog, so that he increases his familiarity with the environment and trust in you. If the climate is the reason, you can add an extra warm blanket.

3. The Superman Sleeping Position

Position: Belly against the floor with limbs stretched out

Meaning: Dogs that sleep in this position, with their limbs stretched out and belly down, tend to have a good personality. They are always energetic, easily encouraged and happy. This sleeping position is more often seen in puppies than in adults, for young four-babies are ready to jump up and continue playing. Plus when the weather is hot, this position can help dogs cool down.

Note: In the summer heat, when the dog who has been playing madly for a while chooses this position to lie down and rest, do not let him drink too much water immediately, it may cause water poisoning, just inappropriate amounts.

4. The Twitching Position

Position: Belly up with their limbs twisted

Meaning: Whenever you see your precious dog sleeping like this, you can’t help but smile. Believe it or not, this is a very comfortable way for them to sleep. Dogs that like to sleep like this are very optimistic and secure and are happy with their family. They tend to be very relaxed and independent.

Note: Based on the total length of their body with extended legs to choose a large size dog bed with a high bolster or pillow designed to help support your dog’s wriggling limbs. Learn more in the article of How to choose a dog bed.

5. The Belly Up Position

Position: Belly Up with legs in the air

Meaning: This sleeping position looks a bit like fainting. Don’t worry, your dog is fine. Dogs that like to sleep in this position are happy and feel safe and relaxed. In addition, it is easier for your dog to adapt to a new environment.

Note: Choose a dog bed with higher support like foam or memory foam to help with a more comfortable sleep. Learn more in the article of How to choose a dog bed.

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