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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate a special day of love and friendship. For those of us with pet friends, this can be the perfect occasion to show them how much we care about them.

Following are five ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day with your furry friend that may work for you.

Take a walk together

take a walk with your dog

Going for a walk is something more important to most dogs (except lazy dogs) than eating. Unlike the usual dog walk, choosing a fresh walk can give a dog more of a rush and an itch to get acquainted and explore. Sometimes new friends can be made for single owners too!

Have a picnic

have a picnic with your dog

Sadly this Valentine’s Day is not being celebrated on the weekend. Luckily, the weather is good. Pack a picnic dinner and head to a nearby park or beach. The stars are shining brightly as the lights come up, and it’s nice to have lovely four-legged friends around to enjoy the view. Don’t forget to pack a towel; you’ll thank me for it.

Play a game

play a game with your dog

If, however, there is no time to walk with your pet family after work. Why not play a game of fetch or hide-and-seek with your furry friends at home? Interacting is a great way to bond and have fun.

Give them a special treat

give your pet a special treat

After a pleasant walk and returning home for a two-minute rest, your pet friends have usually energized again. Treat your furry friend to a special treat, such as a new toy or a privileged treat. This is a great way to make them excited again.

Have a movie night

have a movie night with your pet friends

Pop popcorn, have a film night by cuddling up with your furry friends, and enjoy a dog-themed movie. It’s a beautiful way to relax and spend some quality time together. But be advised to please prepare your pet his treats.

No matter how you spend Valentine’s Day with your pet friends, it’s sure to be a particular day. Show your pet friends how much you care, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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