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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


April 4 is World Animal Stray Day, a day that reminds us to care for the stray animals around us.

According to incomplete statistics, there are over 600 million stray dogs and cats around the world. Cute animal videos are attracting more and more people to join the pet ownership team, and this spur of the moment has led to an increasing number of abandoned pets. The average litter size of a cat is 2.8 litter, creating over 11,606,077 kittens in nine years. This amazing fertility of animals is one of the reasons why the number of stray pets continues to rise worldwide.

The Tragic Situation of Stray Animals

Stray animals walk the streets in search of food because they are hungry. Their filthy fur, mottled skin from skin diseases and people’s fear of stray animals make them subject to long periods of intimidating abuse through eviction. A dog’s tail is a way to express their mood, and you can see stray dogs walking with their tails between their legs because they are so scared and their eyes are filled with fear of humans. Then there are the disgusting, filthy humans who trap them, tie them up and abuse them for joy, and even sell films of such abuse!!! They can hardly control their nature and give birth to hairy children who die early because of hunger, and those who survive are just repeating the same old path of stray mothers and stray feathers.

What we can do

  1. Do Not Mislead the Audience
    If you are a pet blogger or Tik Tok master, please don’t just promote how cute the animals are, please Lee Wing your influence and tell your audience that the process of raising is not as simple as you think and that you have to pay 200% of love and patience for your pets. The cost is of illness may be ten times higher than the cost of buying a pet!
  2. Adopt Instead of Buying
    The process of breeding a pet in a dysfunctional kennel is more disgusting than you can imagine. For the sake of beautiful size, skin colour, it is almost a rule of thumb when mother cat mates with her son; to maximize profit, females are injected with hormones to promote their heat, and newly born females are surely forced to start mating again to continue to create value for their owners. Pedigree and looks make no difference to the animal breeding process. Good looking cats can also mess up your bed during the heat. Good-looking cats can also get sick and lose weight and fur. On the contrary, stray animals are very cruel to be good boys because their long wandering has made them fearful of humans and very afraid of making mistakes. They cherish the people who give them food and shelter. Of course, stray animals also have some inexplicable bad habits of being mean to people, which is their habitual behaviour to protect themselves when straying. Please give them enough time and please pay enough patience to educate them.
  3. Join the TNR Team
    TNR refers to capture-neuter-release, a concept advocated by many animal protection organizations. Control breeding and reduce the number of stray pets from the source. If families already have pets and have no breeding plan, please bring them to the vet clinic to be neutered, which is also good for their health. My dog was accidentally mated with a friend’s pet because of untimely spaying. My family is a female dog and the first time she was forced to mate terrified she kept looking at me for help, while I could do nothing to interrupt the mating which was very painful for her. It was also very painful when she gave birth to the baby dog, and for a very long time after giving birth to the baby, she could not gain weight. There was also the birth of a mixed breed baby which was very distressing to me for a while. My bitch was accidentally adopted by us because she was a stray, to begin with, and it also made us concerned about stray animals, because not being a breed (and even being a breed, we were equally anxious and afraid that he was being used as a birthing machine), we were very anxious about how to find the right owner and how to make sure she would not accidentally stray. But even with all our careful consideration, one of the adopters was accidentally lost. After this incident, all the dogs and cats in our family were taken to be spayed and neutered at the right time.
  1. Wear A Leash for Your Pet
    Another part of the pet that began to wander originated from the owner’s overconfidence, believing they can always control the pet through the command action, but therefore lost the dog. These greenhouse-grown flowers, too gentle to compete with aid stray dogs, are driven further and further away from their owners. The affectionate character also makes them easy to be cajoled by the bad guys and end up as reproductive tools or even objects of abuse.
  1. Provide A Little Warmth for Stray Animals
    I actually don’t advocate feeding stray animals, which may cause them to drop their guard against humans and lead to being used and lured by bad people. First, take pictures of stray animals and post them on social media or to local veterinarians and animal shelters in the area, and provide a description of the cat. Maybe someone is looking for them.
  2. Volunteer
    Join a local shelter or stray animal welfare group and help these stray animals find their original owners or suitable owners in your free time
  3. Donate
    Food and veterinary costs for stray animals are a problem for all shelters and stray animal welfare groups.

Think carefully and decide carefully.

Friends around me often come to ask me what advice they have when they are ready to get a pet. I usually start by throwing cold water on them, telling them how troublesome it is to have a pet: they bark, they destroy furniture, they can easily hurt you or your family, they get sick and cost money, they go into heat and pee, and they stink if you don’t clean the room in time.

But they are very cute and smart and love you very much, their life is short, please have a little more patience, love.

I am proud that my company, Kiss Pet Baby Manufacturer Co, Ltd, has been providing low-cost custom pet supplies to stray organizations for years and calling for more attention to stray animals. Welcome to write or call for OEM service of pet bedding.

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