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The following pictures can give you the answer!

What happens when you compress a dog bed for 30 days?
The following pictures can give you the answer!

30 days ago, we did a set of tests for a client on dog bed packing with different poly fibre filling.

The test content is to compress 3 dog beds with the same fabric but different fillings to the same degree of packaging.
For 30 days, the three compressed dog beds were opened simultaneously. After opening the package, the three dog beds were slapped for 2 to 3 minutes to speed up the bounce of the poly-filler and then rested for 1 hour.

The leftmost dog bed is filled with the highest quality, OEKO-TEX certified poly fiber filling. It almost can rebound to95% of the ex-factory state c. However, according to the experience of previous shipments, the compression time of at least 60 days, after 24 hours of resting, the dog bed can rebound from 98% to 99%. 30 days of compression packaging challenge is just child’s play.

The middle dog bed uses the most commonly used medium-priced poly fiber filling in the market. 30 days after compression, it can only recover to 80% of the original fluffy state. However, if the production process increases the amount of filling, the level of recovery of this dog bed degree will be even better.

The dog bed on the far right uses the same filling cotton commonly used in dog beds at discount pet supply stores. After 30 days of compression, it was tough to recover to 60% of the original state.

Catering to different consumer markets, KissPetBaby provides customers with professional advice on the materials and packaging used in dog beds.
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