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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


Many parents complains that of all the things they buy for their cats, a cat bed, is probably the least useful. Cats can sleep on desks, chairs, beds, sofas and cupboards, yet they just don’t sleep in the bed you just bought. In fact, it’s not that cats don’t like to sleep in the litter, but that owners don’t choose the correct and suitable litter for their cats. For insecure cats, a safe and comfortable bed is still very important. Today, we will talk about how to choose a cat litter for your cat.

I. Selecting A Suitable Cat Bed

Choosing a suitable cat sofa first depends on the cat’s own situation. Some kittens born in the summer will spend the first cold winter of their lives, so if the heating in the home is not very reassuring, it is important to choose a litter that will keep the wind out and keep them warm. These are usually made in the shape of a small house and usually have only one hole as an exit, making it a good place for your cat to hide.

Some people prefer to make their own litter, and a bed made of wood, plastic or rattan is good for easy cleaning and disinfection. The inside and outside of the bed must be smooth and free from sharp objects to prevent damage to the cat’s skin. Its bottom should be made of disposable newspaper, soft straw and topped with old towels or sheets to keep it warm and comfortable.

II. Different Bed for Different Seasons

In terms of seasons, there is little difference between spring and autumn, and it is entirely up to the owner and the cat’s preference to choose, whether it is straw, rattan, cotton pads or other forms; for winter bedding, good warmth is naturally preferred; in summer it is more suitable to use rattan baskets, as soon as summer comes, parents sometimes accidentally step on the floor of the cat. The rattan baskets have larger gaps than the straw ones and are more breathable and heat-dissipating, so they are the best choice for cats in summer.

III. Decoration & Placement

A piece of competent cat furniture not only ensures that the cat is comfortable but also blends into the home decoration. Secondly, the cat bed should also be scratch-resistant to prevent your sofa from being badly damaged.
Cats also have potential requirements for their sweet home. Some cats like to sleep on bookcases, which proves that the cat likes high places. When buying a litter, owners should choose a resting area with a relatively high level, and choosing the right litter will save you the trouble of climbing on a stool to clean the cat hair left on top of the bookcase. In short, owners should take into account their cat’s habits and preferences when purchasing a cat litter.

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