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The Important Decision – Choosing A Dog Bed

Do you know that a dog spends almost 10-12 hours of sleep per day and a cat will pay more than 15 hours per day? Without saying, long sleeping requires a very good and comfortable dog bed for a dog or a cat. Just as humans spend a lot of time choosing a new mattress to relax their bodies after a long day of work, and also to ensure that the bed is just the right level of softness and firmness to ensure a healthy sleep.

How To Know It Is the Dog Bed?

Which type of pet bed should I choose, round dog bed or rectangular dog? Should we choose a larger or smaller Pet bed? What material is more comfortable and breathable?

Dog Bed Shapes

Whether to choose a large size dog bed or a small size dog bed, the first time first understand what kind of sleeping position your dog likes? curls up or sprawls out?

If your dog likes to sleep in a duck sleeping position, choose a rectangular, pillow-top bed. If he likes to sleep in a curled up position, choose a round dog bed for him.

Dog Bed Size

Different sizes of dog beds can carry different weights of pets, first consult the business first each size load weight range.
You can refer to the following data:

  • Small – For dogs up to 40 lbs.
  • Medium – For dogs up to 60 lbs.
  • Large – For dogs up to 120 lbs.
  • Extra Large – For dogs 120 lbs. and up

Second, measure the area occupied by the pet’s sleeping position. If it is a flat sleeping position, measure from the nose to the dog’s buttocks, and if it is a curled-up sleeping position, measure its diameter.
The principle is that the length you measure should be 20cm long and if the room allows, the bigger the better. After all, it is not always the same sleeping position for more than ten hours.

Dog Bed Filling

Determine the degree of softness and comfort of the pet bed is not just the surface of the fabric. More important is the inner filling.

  • Foam – suit for any types dogs, especially with orthopedic problems for it provides an extra support. The best foam for old pet is a memory foam dog bed. Orthorpedic dog bed used memory foam and helps maintain his temperature, keeping him from overheating.
  • PP Cotton – Most common and affordable material. Soft and cozy material is appropriate for most dogs without special needs.

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