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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

a dog and pet stairs
a dog and pet stairs

As pets age, many owners notice that their pets are struggling more and more when they sit on their favourite couch or try to jump into bed with their owners, without the decisiveness and quickness they had when they were younger. This is because of problems with your pet’s joints, especially their hips. This has nothing to do with the size of the pet; they are constantly putting a lot of stress and pressure on their joints including their hips and knees whenever they are asked to jump in or out of a vehicle or jump out of their favourite chair. Furkids are not good at expressing themselves and we don’t know how much pain they suffer during the jumping up and down. That’s why with the advent of aids like pet stairs, pet stairs can be effective in alleviating these kinds of problems.

The pet stairs of Kiss Pet Baby are specially designed and produced for dogs. It is important to remember that, unlike humans, dogs are horizontal creatures, so when they walk, run or jump, they exert more force on various parts of their bodies compared to us. Even if your furry child is still young, developing the habit of using pet stairs from a young age can effectively prevent accidental sprains caused by bouncing. And for older dogs, this is a way to reduce the stress and risk of injury on their joints and will help your pet lead an extremely healthy and happy life well into old age.

The benefit of stairs designed by Kiss Pet Baby ‘s is that when your dog walks on them, the slope is very gentle, which results in much less stress and pressure being placed on your dog’s joints, muscles and ligaments, especially their hips. This gentle incline leads to a love of these stairs after a few uses by your fur child and instinctively knows how to use the pet stairs. In addition, because all of the platforms (steps) within these pet stairs are flat and wide, this provides your dog with further confidence, making them less stable and eliminating anxiety and stress when using them.

classic color pet steps
pet steps

The classic colour scheme of the pet stairs provides a way for people to choose furniture to match without having to agonize too long. The pet stairs come with a non-slip design at the bottom, so they won’t slide easily and cause injury to your pet. Pet loaders can save you money by saving you from expensive medical bills for problems such as joints caused by long-term jumping injuries.

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