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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


As winter draws near, responsible and budget-conscious pet owners are already preparing warm products for their fur kids for the winter.
In addition to going out in winter, the essential warm clothes and shoes, how to keep their pets at home from getting cold is also a learning curve. Many people will choose thermo-pet-bed-warmer such products, very easy to use, especially cats such temperature-sensitive creatures, will soon begin to snore on the heating pad. But I wonder if you are like me, always on this small electrical appliances are not enough to rest assured, in case we are not at home, this thing heats up spontaneous combustion how to do? Will it accidentally leak electricity? Especially this small appliance will often have “a day-use length not more than 12 hours, under the supervision of the owner” such warm tips. So I would like to recommend the self-warming pet bed for everyone.

What is a Self-Warming Pet Bed?

First of all, we need to understand what makes this dog bed heat up. This is because a technology called “Mylar Blanket” is used in this dog bed. Mylar is a polyester film, a type of plastic. As Wikipedia goes “They are used on the exterior surfaces of spacecraft for thermal control, as well as by people… Their design reduces the heat loss in a person’s body, which would otherwise occur due to thermal radiation, water evaporation, or convection.” This shows that this material is used for self-heated beds, which are very good for keeping the heat in. The Mylar is used in self-heated beds and is wonderful for retaining heat

mylar blanket/space blanket

How Do They Work?

In simple terms, it’s like your pet is sleeping in an insulated lunch box. Your pet sleeps in such a self-heated dog bed, and your pet’s own body heat is reflected back to them through the mylar film, which works to keep the heat in and prevent the cold from entering.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting One for Pet?

Many people will feel that going out in clothes is enough or that their dog is a large dog with a very thick coat not to worry about such issues. But in fact, insulation is not only to make the pets more comfortable for the winter, but also a way to prevent joint pain, the cold wind has a high chance of causing some joint pain problems, and some triggering illnesses. We change into thick sheets in winter for better sleep. Please also note that your pets are just as cold as we are. Self-heating dog beds are even a great way to temporarily cut off electricity or save money on your electric bill.

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