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Aug 16-18, 2023
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Why do the Snuffle Mat Exist?

dog and snuffle mat

We use our eyes, ears and hands in the recreational activities of daily life, and the same goes for our fur kids. Sniffing is one of the ways they play. Sniffing mats attract them to explore around by hiding food in different mat corners, which makes them feel excited and interesting and expend energy.

Please note! Not only dogs have the habit of sniffing, but cats, rabbits, pigs, hamsters and other mammals also have this habit.

Product Basics

Sniffing pads are available in two main materials.

1. Non-woven material: sturdy and bite resistant, machine washable, long life cycle.

2. Polar fleece material: more soft and comfortable, very friendly to the soft skin of the pups. Machine washable.

hide the foof on mat.


1.Stimulate your dog’s curiosity and exercise their sense of smell and brain.

2.A fun play experience that effectively gives your fur baby relief to burn off energy and avoid destroying furniture

3.Reduce the speed of pet eating, effectively prevent choking

a dog is snuffing his food.


“My puppy is super into sniffing pads and he loves to bounce around on them. I hide little snacks in there and she looks for them a little bit, and she sleeps especially well after each one!”–Linda

“My dog eats for less than 5 seconds at a time, and after using the sniffing pad, it takes at least 5 minutes to finish each time! But hiding food one by one is quite tiring.”– Tiffany

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