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If you are thinking of developing your pet supplies business, dog beds or pet sleeping accessories are definitely the choices. Dog beds are bulk and if you can’t save on shipping costs, it will increase the cost of your investment. It is this natural barrier that makes the dog bed business path so much wider. The key part is to find the best wholesaler or manufacturer.

In this article, we have found and verified the best dog bed wholesalers and manufacturers for your pet bed supplies to simplify the process of expanding your new pet business line.

In addition, we provide details of these pet bed suppliers and manufacturers.

  • Location
  • Company type
  • Year Established
  • Number of employees
  • Products

We hope this information is useful for you in developing your pet business in the UK.

#1: Kiss Pet Baby Pet Bed Manufacturer Co, Ltd

home kiss pet baby pet bed manufacturer
  • Location:Quanzhou
  • Company type:manufacturerer, wholesale
  • Year Established:2012
  • Number of employees:30
  • Products:dog donut bed, cat cave bed, bolster pet bed, etc.

Considering that more and more companies are choosing to find suppliers in China in order to save costs, I had to include Kiss Pet Baby in the list. Even though we are not based in the UK or some other countries in Europe, we can still effortlessly stand out among some of the pet bed manufacturers in Europe and beyond. This is thanks to the fact that we use the best, resilient polyester fibres for the filling of our cat beds, dog beds and a range of other pet sleeping products. Our dog beds can be compressed to 1/10th of their original volume for up to 60 days and still return to 80% of their original height after the consumer has opened the packaging. With a little patting and 48 hours of resting, our dog beds can be returned to 100% of their original height. This means that we can help buyers save a significant amount of money on ocean freight.

#2: Wiko

home wiko
  • Location:Żagań, Poland
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale
  • Year Established:1992
  • Number of employees:201-500
  • Products:pet sofa, cat nest, dog loungers etc.

Wiko Pet is the largest manufacturer of pet beds in Europe. They have 30 years of experience in tailoring services. Their greatest asset is their experience in the European pet market, which is unmatched by other pet mattress manufacturers. They know exactly what style of dog bed is most popular in the European market. Their craftsmanship is superb and they are able to satisfy the discerning European market. Their location is also very advantageous, being almost central to Europe. Transportation is very convenient.

#3: Pet Interiors

home pet interiors
  • Location:Coburg, German
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale, distribution
  • Year Established:2009
  • Number of employees:3
  • Products:dog bed, dog cushion, cat basket etc.

The cat “Frau Schmitt” is the muse of the Pet Interior and the origin of the cat bed manufacturer. I particularly like their range of cat beds for cats, which are very creative and appropriately secure for cats. Installed in the home, you might even think of it as a decoration if you weren’t told it was a cat bed. You can see through these designs that they have really experienced cat slaves and know what their owners are thinking too well. Working with them, there is no worry at all, whether the bold ideas will be accepted by the pet market. I dare say their designs have an irresistible appeal even to non-pet-owning households.

#4: Pet Beds Direct

home pet bed direct
  • Location:Lancashire, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale, distribution
  • Year Established:2017
  • Products:corner bed, leather bed, waterproof beds etc.

Pet Beds Direct is based in Lancashire, UK and has over ten years of experience in the manufacture of pet mattresses. They stock a large range of stock and can deliver within 24 hours. The stock also means that prices are fair, which is very friendly to start-ups in the pet business, allowing pet companies in the UK and Europe to quickly start new projects selling pet bedding with the right amount of money. For new partnership orders, Pet Beds Direct is offering a 10% discount as a way of supporting to encouraging new partners to place orders. Pet Beds Direct’s pet beds are designed with current trends in mind and they are involved in the sales process, so you don’t have to worry about your wholesale pet bedding being stale stock.

#5: Harperley Pet Bed Company

home harperley pet beds
  • Location:England, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale
  • Year Established:2019
  • Products:deluxe beds, doughnuts beds, oval nests etc.

Harperley Pet Beds is a family run pet bed manufacturer. In the beginning, they were commissioned by some friends and family to make simple dog beds because of their excellent sewing skills. Gradually, more and more people came to them asking for custom-made dog beds. Even some pet supply companies approached them to ask for cooperation. After several years of doing this, they decided to set up a company specialising in dog beds, working with pet supply companies to produce comfortable dog beds that were truly suitable for dogs. It was this valuable experience of working directly with pet owners and understanding what they really wanted that gave Harperley Pet Beds a good understanding of what styles and fabrics would be favoured by owners and their dogs.

#6: K9 Pet Products UK Limited

home k9 pet products
  • Location:West Midlands, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale
  • Year Established:2009
  • Products:nature range cushion, fleece cage mat, check sofa etc.

K9 Pet Products (UK) Ltd have been manufacturing pet beds for over 15 years and have created their own brands Dog Doza and GB PET BEDS. With their own brands Dog Doza and GB PET BEDS, it is their years of experience in the pet products industry that has given them a deep understanding of how difficult it is to find the right quality pet beds for the pet trade. So despite the success of their two brands, they still insist on offering a range of pet beds, pet cushions, pet flat mats and more to pet retailers, pet shops, internet pet shops and more. K9 Pet Products (UK) Ltd produce pet beds that are safe and made from fabrics that comply with the Furniture and Furnishings The fabrics used are sourced in accordance with the Fire and Safety Regulations Act 1988.

#7: P&L Superior Pet Beds Ltd

home p and l
  • Location:East Sussex, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale
  • Year Established:2000
  • Products:heavy duty country dog bed, washable dog bed, bolster dog bed etc.

P&L Superior Pet Beds Ltd has been trading in the pet market since 2000 and knows the UK pet market well. With three rainy days in the UK, it is especially important to keep your dog bed clean. P&L Superior Pet Beds Ltd has developed waterproof, durable and easy-to-clean dog beds to address both of these characteristics, as well as some of the most popular dog breeds in the UK, such as Labrador Retrievers and Springer Spaniels, which can be very destructive. Their dog beds are both durable and hard-wearing stylish to ensure your pet’s comfort and more.

#8: Big Dog Bed Company

home big dog bed company
  • Location:England, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale, distribution
  • Year Established:2011
  • Products:orthopaedic dog beds, dog bed pillows, dog crate bed etc.

Pets are the genesis of many pet brands, manufacturers of pet products and the Big Dog Bed Company is no exception. unable to find a suitable quality bed for the German Shepherd Ludvic, they started researching pet beds themselves. After caring for Ludvic’s
The experience of caring for Ludvic’s painful joints led Big Dog Bed Company to focus on how they could provide help for these dogs who could not express their pain. They worked with a pet profit therapist and tested the beds before selling them to ensure that they could actually relieve joint pain. Also bigdogbedcompany is very environmentally conscious and their dog beds are built to last for up to 8 years.

#9: Avondale Textiles Ltd

home avondale
  • Location:England, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale, distribution
  • Year Established:1983
  • Products:plaid dog beds, cord bed pillows, suede dog bed etc.

Avondale pet luxury was established in 1983 and is dedicated to providing the best and most luxurious pet beds and home furnishings for pets. A quick look at their website will show you that their design elements include the most classic plaid elements. You can easily see from the real-life pictures that the fabrics used are human grade and very comfortable to look at.

#10: Danish Design

home danish design
  • Location:West Yorkshire, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale, distribution
  • Year Established:1983
  • Products:plaid dog beds, cord bed pillows, suede dog bed etc.

Danish Design are a very creative pet bedding manufacturer who supply beautiful pet beds to wholesale pet retailers in the UK and Europe all year round. They are experienced in what sells well and how the UK market differs from the European market. They have a professional design team and often come up with some very good looking and durable pet beds that are leading the way in pet fashion throughout Europe.

#11: Earth Bound UK

  • Location:Walsall, UK
  • Company type:manufacturering, wholesale, distribution
  • Year Established:2005
  • Products:dog bed pillows, dog bed blakets, deep dish dog bed etc.

Earth Bound UK is a pet bedding manufacturer transformed from the textile manufacturing industry. They have up to 30 years experience in the textile manufacturing industry and have supplied clothing to some very lethal retailers. So they are very confident in how to make pet bedding that is built to last. Having worked in the textile industry for many years, they are well aware of the importance of quality control once an order has been completed, especially when it comes to mischievous fur babies. So you can be sure of the quality of their products. In addition, Earth Bound UK also produces pet clothing for pets. This is ideal for companies who prefer a one-stop-shop for pet products.

Some of the pet bed manufacturing companies in the above list are not from the UK, but are included in this list due to their close trade in pet bedding with the UK over many years.

I have shared some basic judgements on how to identify a genuine pet bed manufacturer in the [ How to Import Pet Bed from China? ]. If you would like to know more about dog bed fillings, you can find some answers in my article [ 12 Types of Dog Bed Filling ]. If you would like to know something about fabrics. If you would like to learn about the right fabric for your pet bed, you can do so in reading my article [ What Fabrics is the Best for Dog Beds? [ A Pet Business Guidelines ] ].

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