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If you are not currently offering any pet beds or pet bedding items in your pet supply sales to attract, and maintain your regular and potential customers, you are likely to lose business.
Pet owners are also much less likely to spend more or buy add-on products or become brand loyal at your website or pet store, and their memories will implicate themselves that you don’t have what they want in your pet supply sales.
No matter what kind of pet service business you have, understanding pet bedding and considering expanding your pet business can help really take your sales to the next level. Going through this article may answer why you need to grow your pet bed business.

Massive Pet Population And Astonishing Pet Business

Before we learn why we should develop a pet bed business, it is essential to look at some data about the global pet market that will help enhance our confidence in developing our pet business.

According to Statista statistics, there are an estimated 470 million dogs and 370 million cats worldwide as of 2018. In the global pet care market solely, the global pet market in 2022 will sell up to 261billion USD, compared to 245 billion in 2021, an increase of 1.06% in just one year.

Here are some figures on the global pet market.

Number of pet dogs and cats in each country (only some representative countries are listed)

Country Number of pet dogs Number of pet cats
The U.S. 77million 59million
China 54.3million 58million
The U.K. 12.5million 10.8million
Germany 10.7million 15.7million
Japan 9.9million 9million
Poland 7.8million 6.8million
France 7.8million 15.1million
Australia 5million 3.8million
Number of pet dogs and cats in each country

Country’s Pet Industry Expenditures

Country Billions of Dollars
The U.S. 103.6
China 32
The U.K. 7.52
Germany 4.9
Japan 0.14
Poland 0.71
Australia 13.3
Country’s Pet Industry Expenditures
Data via Global Market Insights (2021)
Data via Global Market Insights (2021)

These statistics show the number of dogs and cats in just a typical country and the amazing amount of money pet owners in those countries spent on their pets in 2020. As you look at these numbers, the pet figures are still rising at a staggering rate every second.

According to a report by RESEARCH AND MARKET, the pet furniture market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% to $4.11 billion during the period 2020-2024.

Now let’s work our way back to why we’re growing the pet bed business with this data.

What is Dog Bed Business?

Dog Bed Business is not just about selling dog beds. Dog bed and bedding or pet furniture is usually a range of products used by pets to rest.

Depending on the pet, the size, the application and the trend, pet furniture can be more than just a simple bed. Pet owners are happy to blend in with their pets and their lives. For example, dog beds are often placed next to the sofa in the living room or in some other visible location in the home as part of the home décor.

This makes the unique designed pet bed of excellent quality particularly important.

Pet bedding manufacturers and their designers continue to develop innovative products, such as Snow White fairy tale inspired pet beds; cute panda-inspired designs, pet blankets or pet mat dual-use pet panda blankets; invite your dog to join your Saturday movie time, but worry about sofa maintenance problems and the birth of the pet sofa cushion, generally, this cushion requires waterproof and easy to machine wash…

Why Develop the Dog Bed Business?

The Super-long Sleeping Hours of Pets

As one of the essential members of a family, pet owners don’t care how much they spent on their pets in a year, they just want to give their pets a healthy and enjoyable life.
Pet sleep is one of the very crucial parts of pet health. Dogs sleep an average of 12 to 14 hours a day, with cats sleeping up to 16 hours a day. And in other waking hours, they have to spare 30% of the day loafing in bed.

You can see how significant the comfort of pet bedding is. More owners are willing to pay a higher price for this most frequently used pet bed, as long as their pets like it.

Pet Health

In recent years, an increasing number of pet studies have shown that pet beds play a vital role in pet health.
For those dogs that are ageing, they suffer from joint pain.
A 2020 study showed that 45% of U.S. households have an older dog aged 7 years or older. A supportive memory foam pet bed is especially important for relieving joint pain and relaxing muscles for a good night’s sleep.

Dog Bed And Bedding Niches

For smart pet industry businessmen, when it comes to dog beds, the first thing that comes to their mind is the bulky size and unfriendly shipping costs.

In fact, it is because of the large size of dog beds, the high shipping costs and the relatively high MOQ that many pet industry traders do not give it a second thought and do not want to spend more time doing research on the pet bed industry, making dog beds a niche market in the pet supplies business.

If you are one step ahead of others in the pet bed market, you can seize the opportunity faster.

Novelty And Multiple Pet Beds

For a household with only one pet, it doesn’t mean he only needs a dog bed or a cat bed.

Pets often hang out in the house: they follow their owners into the living room when the owners are there; they come into the bedroom with the owner at night, and there is a need for an outdoor dog bed when you mow the lawn in the backyard. In the case of cats, there is also a need for a separate cat bed in a hidden corner to prevent them from having a place to hide when visitors come to the house.

What’s more, millennial pet owners believe that pets deserve their own suite of cosy and durable bedding and furniture, but at the same time must not throw away fashionable and do not affect the household aesthetic. Treating pets like real people with the same bedding has made pet beds have more possibilities and higher selling prices.

Premium Pet Beds Are Good for Brand Loyalty Building

To ensure that pets get more overall nutrition, pet owners regularly choose different brands of pet foods for their four-legged friends. A pet bed that can be used for a long time, is easy to clean, and stylish does not have the worry of being replaced at any time.

A high quality, long-lasting dog bed can be used for a whole year or even years still in use. Always somewhere in the house reminds pet owners how good the dog bed of your brand is and how much their dog family members love it.

In the cold winter, they would subconsciously reconsider purchasing blankets from the same pet brand to provide extra warmth for their fur kids. In the summer, they stop at the same store to procure pet cooling pads or cool replacement bed covers to help cool their pets.

A superior pet bed greatly increases the likelihood that pet owners will spend more with you, subconsciously building brand loyalty.

water-resistant and chew resistant fabric by kisspetbaby

High Profits

When you open Amazon and are ready to start studying the selling price of pet beds, you may be surprised by the low selling price and scoff at this article. But please note that this is just a trick for merchants to attract customers. Those low-priced pet beds are often already sold out.
Take the following hot-selling dog beds as an example.
23in Selling Price: $ 27.99
Packaging: Opp packaging
Features: non-removable
Shipping: seller delivery
Shipping Cost: $15

By the product selling price, product reviews and product images, this seller should be direct sales of dog beds in stock. The stock of pet bed furniture due to mass production, and material procurement is very advantageous, the lowest purchase price maybe $2.7. Deducting platform commissions, advertising costs, shipping costs, the cost of goods, etc., the profit should be between 9% to 12%. Observe the selling price of other sizes of dog beds, 30 inches is 37.99, a full 10 U.S. dollars higher, while the cost of purchase may be only $4.8.
This style is very common, for some cute patterns or the unique shape of the pet bed can be sold for much more than $30. Pet industry businessmen should customize dog beds for their own target customers to gain considerable sales and higher profits.


As we can easily observe at the just concluded Global Pet Expo, pet health and pet fashion are the key trends in the pet industry nowadays.

Pet parents are increasingly concerned about improving the quality of life for their pets, and they are willing to spend more money to maximize the fashion tastes of their furry friends.
As the number of pets continues to increase, we can expect the pet bed industry to grow with it.
Kiss Pet Baby Manufacturer Co, Lt keep up to date with pet industry trends and with the wild designs of pet product designers, producing pet beds and pet bedding for many pet industry-leading companies. With over a decade of experience in textile manufacturing and over 7 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting pet beds (and a great deal of knowledge of how to save you money on shipping), we can help you further expand your pet business.


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