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We are a manufacturer of pet beds and bedding for cats and dogs, providing dog beds, cat teepees, dog crate mats, pet throws and pillows, etc. Cooperating with pet brands like Pupnaps, numerous Amazon sellers, start-ups, dog trainers and other pet-related businesses. 10 years textile factory and 7 years of exporting helped us create a vertical setup and have total quality control from material sourcing to manufacturing.

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KPB Pet Bed CO, Ltd is a custom manufacturer of polyester fiberfill-filled pet bed products for dogs, cats and other pets. Standing on the shoulders of giants, creating world-class products by learning from bestselling and trendy styles. We treat all pet businesses the same, and your business size does not affect your quotation. 90% of the cost of your investment is focused on quality materials and fine workmanship.

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What’s on the inside?

Our products are the reason why many pioneering pet brands choose us. In a world of price seeking, we are all about quality and value. How do we guarantee the quality of our dog beds and beddings? From using the best materials. Our fabrics, fillings and accessories are mainly sourced from reliable Chinese manufacturers with whom we have established long-term relationships.

To ensure that our pet beds are long-lasting and easy to use, we take great care to make our beds easy to maintain and care for. The fabrics we use are resistant to both stains and diggers and our bed covers are very easy to remove and wash. We keep a close eye on global pet market trends, developing trendy styles and researching new processes to maintain our competitive edge in the marketplace. We provide the best service and the best quality pet beds for small, medium and large pet businesses. 

EPE Foam Sheet

EPE foam sheeting is an eco-friendly plastic material that meets the shape and weight of the body. This provides your fur-kids with the most comfortable softness for the most restful energising rest possible. The foam fits their body perfectly, reducing any muscle tension or stress and relieving and reducing any joint or back pain.

Polyester Fiber

100% recycled premium fiber polyester with good elasticity, less bonding, non-allergenic and pet friendly. Each dog bed is generously filled with a sufficient amount of polyester filling to ensure a good, comfortable and soft sleep. It will not be flattened or deformed even after long-term use.

Memory Foam

Memory foam was designed by NASA in the 1970s to protect pilots and passengers of aircraft. A pet mattress using memory foam as a padding can be shaped to fit the body sleeping on it, providing good support and excellent pressure relief.

Upholstery Grade Fabrics

Four-legged members are always good at destroying dog beds or making a mess. To save owners’ effort, we use stain-resistant, high-quality fabrics to ensure the long-lasting of your pet’s bed, and the dog bed is designed for easy cleaning.

Our Ordering Progress

Interested in marketing your pet beds and bedding, Kiss Pet Baby Pet Bed Manufacturer can customise dog beds to your company’s needs and specifications. Take the headache out of complicated production, and we offer a full range of value-added services – from fabric to padding, to packaging, to shipping – to help you quickly get your product on the shelf and start selling. Our daily production capacity can reach 1,000 pieces. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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