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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


The trade show is an excellent opportunity to learn about industry trends, discover business opportunities, and build relationships with suppliers. The interzoo gathers more than 1,300 pet industry professionals from more than 60 countries and regions in pet food, pet boarding, grooming salons, online traders, etc.

Attending the show is a significant expense for exhibitors and visitors, including accommodation, food and transportation. Therefore, I have written this guide overnight to help first-time buyers at a pet industry trade show like interzoo get the most out of the trade show and approach the trade show effectively.

Things To Know Before You Exhibit

Trade Show Times And Ticketing

The show is held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center for four days, from May 24 to May 27, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Note that the fair’s last day, May 27, ends at 4:00 pm.

There are two types of tickets available: 1-day tickets and Permanent tickets, priced at €24 and €39. Those who purchase a 1-day ticket can only attend the show on one day of their choice, while those with a Permanent ticket can attend the show for four consecutive days.

If you have a tight schedule and cannot attend the show all four days, Or if you have a clear goal of visiting the exhibitors you want to visit in one day, then the 1-day ticket is a very economical option.

Make A List Of Exhibitors And Where

The show covers almost every category of pet products, including dogs and cats, small mammals, birds and ornamental fish. The show covers a large area of over 120,000 square meters and has 12 halls. You don’t want to lose yourself in front of this size, so I recommend that you select some of the companies you’d like to meet in person and put them on your show list in advance in the official exhibitor directory at interzoo. Also, get the exhibitor floor plan from interzoo and plan your route ahead of time.

choose whom to visit

Save Time By Contacting Exhibitors In Advance

Set up a time with the exhibitors you want to visit and give them some information about your company. On the one hand, you can take the lead in avoiding the crowded rush and avoid the embarrassment of the other party not being able to have a good discussion with you because of dealing with the busy hospitality work. Secondly, the other party can prepare some suitable pet products for your business in advance. Finally, save the time for both sides to get to know each other.


Nuremberg is the central transportation hub of Europe; whether you choose to take the train, car, or plane can reach the exhibition site. For detailed information on the routes and transportation, please refer to Travel to Interzoo by train, car and aeroplane.

Things To Prepare For The Show

What to wear


no high heels at exhibition

Ladies, I strongly recommend that you not wear high heels or anything that looks good but is uncomfortable. There are no bus stops in a 120,000 square meter exhibition hall. Staying an elegant and competent professional buyer does not have to come at the expense of your feet.


T-shirts and jackets are suitable matches and can be put on or taken off as needed.

Nuremberg Weather Recently


A lightweight shoulder backpack can significantly reduce fatigue compared to a shoulder bag when you unknowingly take many exhibitors’ product books or samples.

Pens And Notebooks

hold a pen and draw sth

A pen and a book can help you describe what you want during your negotiations with suppliers.

Power Bank And Charging Cable

Mask & Portable Hand Sanitiser

Although Covid-19 is fading away, it doesn’t mean it’s completely gone. We still need to take personal protective measures.

Water And Snacks

The painful experience of finding drinking water at the show makes me make sure to keep a bottle of mineral water in my backpack every time. Visiting trade shows is very physically demanding, and having a little candy or cookies in your backpack can help you regain your spirit. In addition, the prices of the food show sales at the exhibition must not be below, and the taste is difficult to guarantee. So please be careful to avoid the peak of dining.

Tips When Attending Trade Shows

Business Card And Booth Group Photo

By the time you get to the 8th exhibitor’s booth, you may have forgotten about the second kennel that tickled your fancy. So it’s essential to take pictures of the products you’re interested in with your vendor’s business cards and file them on your phone; this helps you quickly remember why you left his business card after the show.

business card and dog bed

Industry Presentations

Some of the larger pet companies will be doing some high value sharing presentations or seminars; plan your trip, so you don’t miss out on sharing industry opportunities.

Follow up

A tiring day of exhibiting is over, but your work can’t be over yet. Organize the business cards you received and the product photos in your phone album, and discuss and exchange with your colleagues what you have gained today.

For intended suppliers, whether to immediately get in touch with them to get more information or prepare the info tomorrow to continue discussing in detail. For interesting but unsuitable products for development at this stage, do you organize and save such suppliers and product information in a separate folder?

If you don’t find a suitable partner at the show, do you re-screen the exhibitors you want to visit?


Due to company schedules, I regret that I will not be able to attend the interzoo, a show that brings together the global pet trade and industry. We wish all exhibitors and visitors an enjoyable four days at the front.

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