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calming donut dog bed
calming donut dog bed

Dog Donut beds, which mimic the cosy cuddle of a mother, take quite an essential role in the pet bedding industry. It is almost a must-selling product for all pet bedding business owners. So for those new to the donut bed area, you may wonder how to stand out in your donut cuddler pet bed line.
Well, so you will find the answer in this article.
As a donut dog bed expert with 10-year experience in a textile factory, exporting over 1,000,000+pcs beds every year, we are so much to say about it.
Four factors can make a unique difference to your pet’s snuggler bed.


The following image shows six popular colourways, but that doesn’t mean they are only available. Donut bed is a timeless pet bedding product, and every year the market is updated with different colours and styles of plush fabrics—even different kinds of fur, such as curly.

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Regular donut calming pet beds are available in sizes 60cm, 75cm and 120cm. Cats and dogs are not the only pets that need to sleep.
As the owner of three dogs, I have to share the bed with them whenever it’s time to sleep. However, I have always found their beds softer and more comfortable. I am not alone in feeling the same way. Especially as searches for human-size beds have been on the rise recently, if you have the cash to spare, it’s a good idea to try an oversized dog bed.
If you’re shy, try the mini size for rabbits.

donut bed size
donut bed size

Cushion Filling Volume

The level of polyester filling also dramatically affects the overall effect and price of the bed.
If you would like to know how to keep the filling low while maintaining the overall look of pet donut beds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Washable or Not

Non-washable, semi-washable and fully washable are the three standard structures of the donut dog bed. Don’t belittle this little difference; it can cost you $2 more or less at any time. Our rich experience can help you better to match your donut bed line to your target market.


Question1_Vegan fabric is not the only option for the donut bed

Donut beds can have shaggy hair or be a durable and rugged oxford fabric. It depends on you.

Question2_Can donut dog bed be waterproof?

Sure. Side or bottom waterproofing can be customized to the customer’s needs. Standard waterproofing methods can be found in this article.

different waterproof level
different waterproof level

Question3_The human-size dog bed

The market for human-size dog beds is booming with the pulp brand. This article will help you to learn more about human-size dog beds.

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