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Aug 16-18, 2023
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Dog beds tend to flatten out or get clumpy over time. This article introduces several ways of bringing your dog’s bed back to life.

1. Fluffing the Dog Bed Insert with Your Hands

fluff with hands
fluff with hands

Grab the ends of the insert and quickly push it back in and pull it back out, repeating this motion.

Do this for the bed’s left and right, front and back ends. Tilt it around and repeat the process.

This operation helps air to flow into the pet beds’ inner pillow, thus increasing the fluffiness.

2. Massage the Stuffing

massage the inner cushion
massage the inner cushion

Dog digging may result in big lumps in the cushion.

Massage the big chunks or grab them and tear them apart to redistribute the stuffing inside the pillow.

3. Punching the Dog Bed’s Inner Cushion

punch dog bed inner pillow with a hanger
punch dog bed inner pillow with a hanger

Use a stick or clothes hanger to pat the clumped stuffing quickly, or you can use the warm air mode of a hair dryer to heat the clumped parts. The increased temperature helps the polyester fibers to recover and thus fluff up again.

4. Help from the Dryer Machine & A Tennis Ball

the dryer and tennis
the dryer and tennis

Place a stuffed tennis ball sock in the dryer with the inner cushion. Dry on low heat for 15 minutes. This process can replace the manual tapping of the inserts (Note! this method is more recommended when other fluffing methods have failed)

5. Daily Care

A daily or regular crush pillow from all sides will make the dog bed last longer, helping your pet get a better night’s sleep and shaking off dust and snack crumbs.

6. Choose KissPetBaby’s Dog Bed

oeko tex certified polyfiber fiber filling
OEKO-TEX certified poly fiber filling

The OEKO-TEX-certified poly filling is more elastic. Easy to care for, save your worry.

I hope this article can be helpful and follow us for your happy pet life.

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