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Superzoo 2023

Aug 16-18, 2023
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


Winter is coming.

The rising electricity cost has driven more people to buy electric heated blankets, but such products are always dangerous for pets when owners are not at home, especially if pets are chewers.

Today we want to show you this fantastic self-heating pet mat that can be used any time without supervision without worry.

self warming pet mat
self warming pet mat

About Self-Warming Pet Mat

This 40*50cm size mat looks very ordinary. The surface is soft microfleece, and the bottom is a non-slip base with wrapped edges.

But the mat has a magical effect of self-warming, helping to keep your fur baby warm and resist the cold on cold winter nights.

I know this sounds strangely like the nonsense of a businessman trying to promote a product.
However, the fact is that it is true.
The secret of this mat can be seen by cutting it out.

The Secret of Self-Warming

four layers self warming mat
four layers self warming mat

The inside of the pad is made up of four different layers.
The first layer is a soft fleece for the ultimate comfort. The second layer is the thermal insulation layer, which holds the pets’ temperature and provides gentle support. And the third layer is an internal heat-reflecting layer, which reflects the pet’s heat, resulting in a self-heating effect. The fourth layer is a durable, non-slip oxford fabric.
The four layers are combined to form a clear thermal structure, where the layer of metalized insulation is the insulation code for the product.

How does Self-warming Pet Bedding Work?

The insulation works by stopping convective heat loss. For example, a hot cup of coffee quickly gets cold in the cold air. At this point, a mug lid is put on to create a barrier and reduce convective heat loss from the coffee.
The heat-reflecting layer is this lid. And the internal heat-reflecting layer is even ten times more effective than a simple lid.
In addition, the layer prevents water steam from evaporating, which means that the internal heat-reflecting coating is also water-resistant.

regular mat and the self warming mat camparison
regular mat and the self warming mat camparison

Self-warming in Our Daily Life

Self-warming products are not the first thing we have seen in our lives, but it has been used everywhere.
The most common example is the Insulated Lunch Bag.

insulated lunch bag
Insulated lunch bag

Based on this principle, we can manufacture insulated dog beds, self-heating cat beds, self-heating pet blankets, and even self-heating pet clothes.
No electricity is required, and no potential fire or electric shock risks. Yet they provide a soft, comfortable, and warm sleep for your four-legged and are also waterproof.

So what’s to stop your consumers from buying?


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