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Recently, a human-dog bed, aka giant dog bed, a Buzz topic, led to the explosion of TikTok, Instagram, and Reel as a major social media sensation. This design and manufacture of giant dog beds for humans, not only to meet those jealous pet owners who have a comfortable dog bed but also to drive floor people crazy.

In fact, the giant dog bed is not new, and we have more than 10 years of experience in pet bed manufacturing to tell you that the giant dog bed has been a hot spot that has been overlooked. Perhaps this article can tell you about a lucrative and lesser-known Blue Ocean in the pet industry.

Defining Large Dog and Big Dog Breed

Large Dog Standard

According to the dog size system, when classified by weight, dogs weighing over 55 pounds are generally defined as “Large” dogs, and dogs weighing over 90 pounds are considered “Giant”. In terms of height, dogs over 22 inches at the shoulder are considered large dogs. Some large dogs may be short and stocky, so dog breeders usually classify large dogs by weight.

List of Large and Giant Dog Breeds

By knowing the size and weight of large and giant dogs, pet supply vendors can order the correct size of huge dog beds and pet bedding and recommend the right size for their customers.

Large Dog Breeds

popular large and giant dogs
Afghan 58-64 lb 27-29 in
Greyhound Male: 30-32 kg
Female: 27-30 kg
Male: 71-76 cm
Female: 68-71 cm
Akita Male: 75-100 pounds
Female: 75-110 pounds
Male: 26-28 in
Female: 24-26 in
Hovawart 55-90 pounds Male: 24-28 in
Female: 22-26 in
Beauceron 66-110punds 24-28in
Irish Setter Male: 65-75 lbs
Female: 55-65 lbs
Male: 26-28 in
Female: 24-26 in
Black Russian Terrier 80-150 lbs Male: 27-30 in
Female: 26-29 in
King Shepherd Male: 90-150 pounds
Female: 75-110 pounds
Male: 27-31 in
Female: 25-27 in
Bloodhound Male: 120-145 pounds
Female: 90-110 pounds
25-29 in
Kuvasz Male: 45-52 kg
Female: 32-41 kg
Male: 28-30 in
Female: 26-28 in
Borzoi Male: 75-105 pounds
Female: 60-85 pounds
Male: 28 in and up
Female: 26 in and up
Landseer Newfoundland Male: 130-150 pounds
Female: 100-120 pounds
Male: 28.5-31.5 in
Female: 26.5-28.5 in
Leonberger Male: 59-77 kg
Female: 45-59 kg
Male: 29-31 in
Female: 27-29 in
Mastiff Male: 160lbs and up
Female: 150lbs and up
Male: 30 in
Female: 27 in
Cane Corso Male: 90-110 lbs
Female: 80-100 lbs
Male: 25-27 in
Female: 23.5-26 in
Neapolitan Mastiff 74-90 kg Male: 65-75 cm
Female: 60-70 cm
Newfoundland Male: 130-150 lbs
Female: 100-120 lbs
Male: 28 in
Female: 26 in
Curly-Coated Retriever 65-80 pounds 25-27 in
Pointer 44-66 pounds Male: 22-24 in
Female: 21-24 in
Doberman Pinscher 60-85 pounds Male: 26-28 in
Female: 24-26 in
Dogo Argentino 75-100 pounds Male: 24.3 in
Female: 23.5 in
Rhodesian Ridgeback Male: 80-90 lbs
Female: 65-75 lbs
Male: 25-27 in
Female: 24-26 in
Gordon Setter Male: 55-80 pounds
Female: 45-70 pounds
Male: 24-27 in
Female: 23-26 in
list of Large Dog Breeds

Giant Dog Breeds

Akbash Dog Male: 130 pounds
Female: 90 pounds
28-34 in
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Male: 100-150 lbs
Female: 90-130 lbs
Male: 28-30 in
Female: 26-28 in
Great Dane Male: 120-200 lbs
Female: 100-130 lbs
Male: 30-32 in
Female: 28-30 in
Spanish Mastiff Male: 160 lbs
Female: 150 lbs and up
Male: 30 in
Female: 27 in
Irish Wolfhound Male: 120-150 lbs
Female: 90-120 lbs and up
Male: 30-35 in
Female: 28-31 in
list of Giant Dog Breeds

Why Large Dogs Need Jumbo Dog Beds


Just like humans, larger dogs mean larger stuff, including the beds they sleep in.

Since large dogs have heavier bodies, regular dog beds do not provide adequate support. When a large dog falls asleep, the typical dog bed sinks and dogs can sense the cold, wet floor. To help large dogs get a more restful sleep, pet owners need to purchase sizeable dog-specific dog beds usually sturdy and durable enough. Sturdy dog beds help support large dogs’ joints and pressure points; durable dog beds can withstand the digging and chewing of large furry kids.


Despite owners’ efforts to diligently sweep and vacuum floors, mud and dirt brought back from outside by large dogs can stain couches, carpets, beds, etc. In addition, large and giant dogs can make hard-earned weekends miserable with their drool, hair shedding problems and urine output. If they have their dog bed, that can significantly reduce the owner’s cleaning time.

Above problems also remind pet bedding sellers to communicate with manufacturers to produce giant dog beds. Be sure to increase the dog beds easy to clean or even replace the function of alternative bed covers.

Dogs Need Their Own Space

A dog bed all to itself for giant furries can make them feel safe and at home. They can indulge in extra-large chew sticks in their dog bed during snack time. If they don’t have their dog bed, they may choose to eat in their owner’s bed or on the living room couch, which often causes more terrible cleaning problems. Besides, giving giant dogs a separated place to sleep can improve the quality of sleep for pet owners without having to worry about sleeping until midnight and restless dogs sleeping, leaving themselves little room to sleep.

Small Sofa 

Traditional family sofas can not stand a massive dog; the width of the couch is often shorter than the legs of large dogs, so large dogs have to curl up on the sofa and can not be free to change sleeping positions. If the couch is fit, pet parents will have to choose to sit on the floor to make way for the giant fur baby.

Why Develop Large Dog Bed Business

Large Dog Bed Ultra-high Search Interest

Using Google Trends and searching for “large dog bed”, “medium dog bed”, and “small dog bed”, you can easily find that the interest for “large dog bed” is always high, far more than the other two sizes of dog beds.

large dog bed shows highest interests

Large Dog Owners Cost More Than Small & Medium Owners

AKC’s “COSTS OF DOGS OWNERSHIP” online survey of more than 1,000 visitors shows that owners of large dogs spend a maximum of $3,321 per year, owners of medium-sized dogs spend $2,569 per year, and small dogs cost $1,831. The data also shows that 49.4% of pet parents own large and giant breeds, with 22.5% owning medium-sized dogs and only 11.7% owning small dogs. Finally, it explains why large dog beds are so popularly searched.

If you’d like to take a closer look at what large and giant dog owners are spending more on and whether there are new business opportunities, check out’s [Are Big Dogs More Expensive to Keep? Let’s Compare].

High Price & High Profit

The human-size dog bed orders we have produced so far are from Australia. The size of the dog bed is 6*6 feet. The cost of this dog bed is over $50/pcs, and the shipping cost is up to $40/pcs. Guess how much the final price was for this customer – $589! After deducting publicity costs, labour costs, local shipping and other sundry expense, the net profit is at least $300. If you still don’t believe me, check out the prices of some other large dog beds.

Mammoth Mammoth Large Dog Bed 44*36 in $119.99
Best Friends By Sheri Shag Donut Luxury Plush Cuddler Bed 45*45 in $149.99
Brentwood Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed 35*54 in $265.00
the price comparison between large dog beds

Niche Market (Who Will Buy)

Large Dog Breeds Are VERY Popular

In the United States, for example, (in the 2020 dog population research, the United States ranked first in the number of people living in dogs, see WHICH COUNTRY HAS THE LARGEST DOG POPULATION?) Among the top 100 most popular dog breeds, Labradors, German Shepherds, and Touring Dogs occupy the top five positions year-round.

In the AKC’s 1,000-person survey, more than 49.4% of people breed large, giant dogs. In Australia, for example (one of the most dog-friendly countries worldwide), the top three most popular dog breeds are the Labrador Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Golden Retriever.

search and pics by which country has the largest dog population

Numerous Related Product Business Opportunities.

Large dog slobber, stains and track mud, and super horrible hair shedding problems are all headaches for parents of large and giant dogs. How to own a large dog and maintain home cleanliness is the most critical problem that needs to be solved. Waterproof pet mats, blankets, liners, extra waterproof covers, etc., are all essential supplies that responsible owners will not miss.

There is also the possibility of urinary and faecal incontinence problems in older dogs. In short, to maintain a good home tidy, owners either choose to be diligent in cleaning or decide to repurchase waterproof, easy to clean bedding for pets.

Floor People Also Buy

On floor people, I think I have a lot to say. I love to use the dog bed as often as my three dogs do. I love sitting on the floor, relaxed and comfortable, back to nature. Like I do, floor people are not a minority.

The interest of floor people in Google Trends is no less than that of large dog beds. Over 3.7m people are shooting the #floorpeople topic on TikTok. Among the reviews of large dog beds, there are many products with buyer pictures showing people and pet beds in the reviews.

What could be more exciting than a pet mattress business in the business of pets and yet having access to a consumer audience other than pet people?

Human Size Dog Beds Display

How to Start A Large Dog Bed Business

Confirm Material And Style

The two types of fillings commonly used.

Polyester filling’s price is relatively affordable. Sponge filling is more scientific and very expensive. Suggestion: you can consider selling polyester-filled large dog beds to test the market and then come back to upgrade the use of memory foam fillings for dog beds.

The Style of Large Dog Beds

dog bed filling options

The oval or round dog bed, surrounded by support walls on all sides, can support the head and neck of large dogs.

Square bolster dog bed, three sides to provide support wall, a single side without bolster to facilitate access.

Fabric for Large Dog Bed

Combined with your sales market, you can choose solid and durable sofa fabric or soft and comfortable plush fabric.

If you are not satisfied with our available styles, you can provide your intended style, and we can mass produce according to your needs.

The business opportunities in the pet bed market are much richer than you think. This article introduces the business opportunities for large dog beds. You can also try the business opportunities for small dog beds or even good sleeping businesses for exotic pets like hamsters and rabbits.

Start Your Giant Dog Bed Business

Jumbo dog beds are one of the critical developments of Kiss Pet Baby’s pet bedding business. Our jumbo dog bed is exported to the European, Australian, and American markets. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service to request a catalogue book of jumbo dog beds.

Contact Person:

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Wechat: WLB180


Looking at the best-selling products in recent years, you will find that they may be very everyday things in life, such as this giant dog bed. When these simple products are combined with different selling points and proper social media promotion, they may become a hit. So if you don’t want to take a chance on a giant dog bed business, maybe you can start thinking about how you can promote your doggy bed.

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