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Let us help you turn your head’s fantasy of a pet business into reality and get your products into the hands of four-legged friends all over the world! Over the years, we have worked with clients in different pet markets around the world. OEM or ODM  pet products for small, medium and large pet companies and offering our best efforts to help them develop their pet business from zero to one.

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Experienced & Professional

Skilled Sewing Ladies

Two-thirds of the working women have more than 3 years of sewing experience so they clearly understand how to handle every detail correctly.

Exquisite Details

Cute fur kids may have a Hulk living inside, quality and durable materials are very critical.


A systematic operational process helps us to improve the effectiveness of our work; Work is about improving our quality of life.

Our Mission

After years of experience in the pet market, we have found that pet supplies have been slow to develop due to the following issues:

  • SMEs cannot invest a large amount of money to develop a new pup line due to the high starting order quantity.
  • Terrible quality and substandard workmanship, resulting in poor sales and even shelving of plans
  • Remote communication leads to many details that cannot be carefully accounted for, coupled with inexperienced suppliers unwilling to cooperate.

Kiss Pet Baby is dedicated to helping these anxious importers, especially pet startups and the e-commerce pet industry. We will provide effective solutions for our clients by:

  • Testing more products for less money with a minimum order quantity of only 100 pieces per model.
  • In addition to superior skilled sewers, we have automated equipment to increase the chances of picture fulfilment.
  • Our trained and certified customer service will respond to any questions you may have within one hour, keeping you updated on the progress of your product.

We are enthusiastic about helping more companies develop their own unique pet businesses so that more pets can benefit from them.


Years of Experience


Happy Clients


Countries all over the world

What Do You Need To Do?
" A custom label "

Satisfying ideas and making great products are at the heart of our business model. The secret to Kiss Pet Baby Pey Bed Manufacturer’s ability to thrive is a 100% customer-centric approach to operations.

We always ask ourselves two questions: What do my customers need? What can I offer to my customers?

The answer is to make it easier for the customer. Spare 90% of thinking about how to promote their pet bed range instead of in annoying production with repeated instructions.


Add a custom label, and you can start a pet bed business. We have dozens of off-the-shelf styles. But, of course, we encourage our customers to provide their pet bed designs. Unique pet bed collections can achieve higher sales and win a broader market. We support custom packaging boxes and have no minimum requirements for purchase orders.

With over seven years of experience producing and manufacturing pet beds and related pet convenience items, we can turn dog bed concepts from various pet retailers into reality with the high volume production of custom pet beds.

Suppose the ideal dog bed design is not available. In that case, we generally recommend referring to the hot pet bed lines available in the pet market and adding the pet supply seller’s ideas. You can add your ideas in padding, fabric, color and pattern. Depending on your potential ideas for all or any combination of these design elements, we can develop a custom design/collection for you with lower minimums, affordable price points and personalized added value.

Our Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the unparalleled service for you.

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Roc Lin

General Manager


Joey Lin


Gina profile from KissPetBaby Dog Bed Manufacturer

Gina Weng


Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu


Lets's Work Together

There are many benefits to choosing KPB for all of your pet product line needs:

• Customization – we make our clients’ dog bed concept come true.

• Performance – our craftmanship and material is pet-industry-leading, no worry about quality.

• Support – professional sales team at KPB offer the best service and advice.

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